AIAM Directory

The Aerospace Industry of Michigan (AIAM) is proud to release a membership directory showcasing the breadth and depth of the aerospace industry in Michigan. This directory proudly features our current members, representing over 10,000 jobs. It is estimated the aerospace industry in Michigan provides over 100,000 jobs statewide. Below are highlights and features of the AIAM membership directory:

  • Two online downloadable directories (PDF’s) have been published – one is available for members-only which will include contact information; the other directory is available for the public and will NOT include direct contact information.
  • Both PDF directories include the name of the company, website, specialties, and a company description.
  • The PDF’s are updated on a monthly basis and new versions will be published at the beginning of each month.
  • The public PDF will be widely promoted to Michigan, national, and international audiences interested in the Michigan aerospace industry.
  • In addition to the PDF versions of the directory, there will be an online database on the AIAM website where you can search for a company or a specialty.
  • The online database will be updated in real-time as new members join AIAM.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are available and sponsorship ads will be published in the PDF version of the directory. Sponsors will also have their company logo added to the sponsorship page on the AIAM website. Click here to download our sponsorship form.
  • To access the directories, please register/login to our website.

Directory Sponsors


Interested in becoming a member or sponsor? Have a question? Reach out to us today!